Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Reading Special Guest! NEW RELEASE!

Ahoy lovely readers!

I take it all my American readers had a lovely Fourth of July? I hope my non-Murican readers had a lovely day on the fourth, as well!

You may notice that this YA summer camp special isn't on a Friday. Well, that's because I have a new release to share with y'all today!

Please welcome Laura Wadsworth Carter and her new novel The Elect!

For the past thirteen years, the Foundation has ruled Belstrana with an iron fist and has protected its reign with an army of meticulously programmed child soldiers. As one of those soldiers, seventeen-year- old August has done terrible things to innumerable people, though he wasn’t aware of it at the time. But when one small accident leads to a major awakening for August and three other Young Ones, submission is the last thing on their agenda, and they soon find themselves at the front of a growing rebellion. Embroiled in a fight they have little chance of winning, they soon realize that deception hides behind the most unlikely faces and desperation leads to unthinkable acts. But all they need is a crack, and the Foundation will fall.

Sounds like an amazing read for anyone who's into YA Dystopian fiction. Let's have our lovely author tell us why her riveting read would be a great addition to a summer reading list:

"The Elect is a fast-paced adventure story that won't take long to read and has a lot of tension, a touch of humor, and just a kiss of romance. It's a clean read but provides high stakes and a good storyline."

You can pick up a copy of The Elect to take on your summer vacation by going to Amazon, B&, and other fine e-book retailers!

Summer's still in full swing, so be sure to get some fun in the sun while you still can! Drink lots of water and keep slathering on that sunscreen while you get lost in a good book on the beach :)

Until next time, keep readin' and dreamin'!