Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Funday Bathtime Review: Yellow Submarine

Ahoy there readers!

Here's a written review of this week's bath bomb. To view the bomb drop and all the photos from before and after, check out my Instagram @marsjaws 

This review is of the Yellow Submarine bomb from LUSH. I'm an all-time Beatles fan and a huge Lushie, so it was only fair that I start with this product. It's also a summer seasonal, so I had to get it before it disappeared for another year. 

A group of them is called a Ringo, btw. 

The Before:

I was surprised that this bomb didn't have more of the tropical notes that it promised. On their site, the scent hints read: "A tropical perfume of Brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander conjures up memories of sunny summer holidays for bathtub escapism of the best kind." 

I got a bit of the lemongrass and, what I'm assuming is coriander, but it ended up smelling like warmer spice bath bomb as opposed to a summery one. Where's my coconut bath bomb at, yo?

Anyway, it's a sizable bomb, fits in the palm of my hand with some weight to it, and even though the description was misleading, it smelled nice. 

The drop:

This bomb explodes beautifully. I've always been a big fan of yellow and pink, and LUSH is always true to their bomb's colors both in and out of the tub. Though it didn't chug around my tub, I was still pleased by the bomb drop. It lasted for a good while, as well; I'd say for about 5 minutes. 

No filter needed for this beauty~ 

The Soak:

Not gonna lie, I've had better bath bombs from LUSH. Though the scent was subtle, and if I closed my eyes, tropical in a non-cruise ship way. I definitely got the coriander above all the other scents, and I didn't detect the orange at all. Then again, I think I was allergic to my makeup I wore before, so that could've been the reason! 

I swear I didn't pee in the tub...this time. 

The Verdict:

Overall, the bath bomb is about a 3/5. It was pleasant, but I've definitely had better bath bomb experiences from LUSH. Considering the cost (about $6) and the late summer release, it's a nice little soak that will have you hanging on to summer while being easy on the wallet! 

Thank you for reading my first ever bath bomb review! Stay tuned for next week's bath bomb review! 

Keep clean~