Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 is the year of the dreams!

Ahoy, wonderful readers!

I hope you are all recovering swimmingly from a lovely holiday season! 2015 is behind us as a shining new year awaits!

I apologize for the brief hiatus during the busy holiday season. A bout of sickness threw me for a loop and resulted in a forced period of hibernation. All is well now, however, and I'm ready to jump on into the new year with good writing, reading, and of course dreaming!

Edits for Reverie are going swimmingly, and you should expect the next installment for Devon & Co's adventure this coming Spring! I'll be posting excerpts, photos, and other cool stuff to keep y'all satiated until the release date, so stay tuned!

I'll also be posting more fiction features about YA fantasy and sci-fi that I've read. My goal is to read 60 new books this year, so I'll be passing along the good ones so y'all can enjoy them, too! I'll also be promoting my fellow indie authors as well, but I really want to focus on the YA sci-fi/fantasy genre, so I can write passionately about what I promote.

I'm also going to challenge myself to write every day. Some of those words will never make it into a book, but it's crucial to crank out words outside of the month of November. NaNoWriMo is great, don't get me wrong, but it'd be nice to have some words in other months to tweak and critique.

I want to draw my characters more. I love my characters, and I have an amazing picture of what they look like in my head, but I wanna show y'all what I think they all look like. I've some pretty nice ones of Devon, Mitch, and Kyle, but I'm gonna elaborate and show those off alongside some Dreamer sketches. Hopefully y'all will enjoy seeing them..or at least get a few good laughs at my attempt at being a visual artist.

Anyway, what are your New Years resolutions? Are you gonna take that Spanish course at the rec? Gonna run a marathon? (Major props if you do that one...I'd die) I hope whatever you decide to tackle will be tackled with finesse, power, and makes you a better person once it's done!

Let's go after 2016 like never before!

And as always, keep readin' and dreamin'


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