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Fiction Feature meets Feng Shui!

Ahoy lovely readers! 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Maybe some of you even celebrated Valentine's Day with that special someone? I decided to keep the romance going strong with a quirky and fresh romance novel by Kathy Bosman! 

Kathy is no stranger to my blog, and I'm happy to introduce her latest novel, It's Called Feng Shui

Renni has burned out from being on tour as the drummer of ‘Eat Your Words.’ When she visits Nolan’s spa at Block Island for a day, she impulsively applies for a position as the assistant massage therapist as a means to drop out of tour.

Nolan is taken aback by the woman in his office with pitch black hair and body piercings. He can’t imagine her working in his spa, but her persistence fascinates him so he gives her the job — on one condition — she gets rids of the excess piercings.

The attraction between Nolan and Renni is immediate despite being opposite personalities. Renni’s fresh energy and charm draws Nolan as does his intensity attract her. Finding they have a lot more in common than expected, they fall in love, but Nolan has a secret and Renni carries baggage from past hurt. Will they focus on their differences or the things that draw them close?

Sounds like the perfect Romance novel to finish off the month on a lovely foot, yeah? Classic boy-meets-girl and opposites attract with a little bit of rock and roll and massage therapy peppered in for a good plot! As per Kathy's standard, her latest romance novel brings you all good things a compelling story should have! 

But, as per my standard, I'll give you an excerpt to really whet your palate :) 


“Hi, Mr. Richie. Am I allowed to swim here?”
He nodded. “Yes, of course.”
“Oh. You looked upset. I don’t want to trespass on private property.” She came up to about a foot from him, smelling of sea and flowers.
“It’s a public beach.”
“Oh, it’s so quiet I wondered about that. Is it safe to swim here?”
“Depends on the weather, but I’d say today is perfect.”
“Isn’t it?” She gave a pleasant smile and took in a deep whiff of the ocean air, turning her gaze to the sea with adoration. If she didn’t have such a womanly body, and oh so delicious—his errant gaze was proof of that—he’d think she was a child. Everything seemed so new and exciting to her, completely taking him by surprise as he’d always thought popular rock band members would have lost their childish innocence years ago.
“What are you running away from?” He surprised himself. Usually he didn’t get involved in the personal lives of his staff.
She whipped her head around, eyes haunted, and just stared at him.
“Why Block Island exactly? I thought you were a famous musician.”
Her gaze shifted back and forth, and she shuffled from one foot to the other.
“Look, I’m sorry. I suppose it’s none of my business.” He should leave before he said something wrong from a boss stance.
“No, it’s fine. It’s just a bit painful and raw at the moment.”
His heart squeezed. He’d experienced painful and raw. Although it had been a while since something that intense had happened in his life — and he’d managed to numb the pain by being so busy keeping his business afloat — suddenly his pain reached the surface again in the form of compassion.
“You don’t have to share it, but I am a good listener.” He still couldn’t believe how different she looked from when she first walked in the door.
“Oh.” Her soft gasp sent an unwanted shiver through him. Her tear-soaked eyes made him press a warm hand on her shoulder.
“We all have those moments.” He couldn’t believe the side of his personality she brought out of him — the deep, compassionate side. He’d been on “boss auto-pilot” the last few years and had hardened himself against people, except for his customer’s needs.
She looked down and drew a paisley-type curl in the sand with her big toe. It reminded him a little of the yin-yang sign — a big part of the feng shui philosophy — how contrasting aspects worked together to create a harmonious whole. How opposites could attract. Is that why he was so drawn to her? Yet, getting better acquainted with her, she wasn’t as opposite as he’d initially thought.
“Touring is hard. It takes everything out of me. The fans are relentless. The sleeping arrangements suck. Do you know how nice it is to have my own room?” She looked up at him with a mischievous smile.
“Oh, I really need to fix it up for you. I’ll do that this weekend.”
“It’s okay. I’m relishing the freedom of my own space and have barely noticed the broken things.”

He’d never seen being famous as possibly difficult. Shows how many people had blinders on when it came to considering the lives of other people, which appeared idyllic from the outside.


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And, just in case you've forgotten, let's learn a bit about our dear author! 

Kathy loves reading and writing even more. She homeschools her three kids, so in between unsuccessfully explaining the difference between subject and predicate or how to divide fractions, she enters an imaginary world of troubled and passionate characters whose stories take over the page. Kathy lives in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, where the summers are hot, the winters cool, and bugs thrive. Her first published novel, Wedding Gown Girl, came out in 2012 with Astraea Press (Clean Reads). She belongs to the Romance Writers of South Africa Group (ROSA) which has been her greatest support and inspiration the last few years.

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And that's all I got for this Fiction Feature! Tons of exciting things are happening in the world of Lucid though so stay tuned for a great cover reveal and excerpt from Reverie! 

Until next time, keep readin' and dreamin'! 


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