Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Reading Week 2: You'll be Eagar for this YA Paranormal Fiction!

Ahoy lovely readers!

Summer is well upon us. With high humidity and triple digit temps, I'm already growing tired of the sticky weather and impromptu rains. Anyone else longing for the next season already? Fall is great, right? You get dryer weather, pretty leaves...

And let's not forget spooky Halloween!

Which is why my next YA Summer Reading feature has me looking to witchier seasons. If you enjoy historical fiction about the Salem Witch Trials, then this is the next read to have on your list!

Get spooky with me and read Heather Eagar's Devil's Playground!

Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Winters may be a witch, but she doesn’t know the first thing about magic—unless you count accidental bouts of spontaneous combustion. Elizabeth’s father, a wizard himself, has forbidden the use of her powers for her own protection, but when accusations of witchcraft start flying through Salem Village, she wishes she was more prepared. 
Despite her lack of magical knowledge, Elizabeth appoints herself to save innocent women from the demise the village has in store for them. Elizabeth finds, however, that she is not the hero Salem needs her to be. 
She meant to save them. She cursed them instead. 

This seems like an especially good read for a tween or teenager who's wise beyond their years. A story with a strong protagonist who has the weight of her community on her shoulders? Sounds like the perfect book to get lost in during those summer showers!
But, let's have Heather herself tell us why Devil's Playground is the perfect summer reading!

"Devil's Playground is a good summer read because you are taken on a fun and thrilling ride through the Salem Witch Trials, but there are no tests or pop quizzes after. You get to experience a fantastical version of 1682 Salem, and have fun with history...actually live it. The Book Junkie Reads said, 'I could literally feel the magic in the air. The words on the pages gave an aura of realism in each phrase. I felt line I was back in the Salem Witch Trials.'"

I'm sure that's got you wanting to scoop up this great read ASAP! You can find Devil's Playground at these sites below:

Barnes and Noble:





And let's learn a bit about our author!

Heather Eagar currently resides in Logan, Utah where she strives to balance her love of writing with raising a husband and two kids. Devil's Playground is her debut novel, but it will not be her last. She is currently working on the second book in the series. Heather is also a book reviewer and you can find reviews for Middle-grade fiction through Adult novels on her website,

You can also reach out to Heather on her social media sites:





There you have your second summer reading YA novel! Get to reading, and tune in next week for another great read!

Keep readin' and dreamin'


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