Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time-Slip, Deja Vu, and Disembodied Voices: Oh My!

Afternoon, everyone!

Or should I say evenin', as I'm featuring a British author on my blog today! The lovely Ann Evans' debut novel, Celeste , hit the e-shelves and is sure to be a delight for readers of all ages!

The Book

Ms. Evans' Celeste takes place in Coventry, UK (which holds a special place in my heart reserved for the Midlands.) The story is about Megan Miller, a young woman dreading moving to a new town with her parents. Soon after moving to Coventry, she realizes moving isn't so bad. It's almost like moving home...again. She soon realizes that this is not her first walk about the earth, and that she once lived a life as a woman named Celeste. If that isn't enough for a teenage girl to cope with, nightmares and visions of a horrid past soon plague her. The worst is the disembodied voice asking her, "Where did you hide it?"

Who was her former self Celeste, and what did she hide? Can Megan cope with her past while living in the present? Can she save herself, both of her? 

Why you should read it. 

Who doesn't love a good time story? I was hooked the moment I read that Megan had once lived a former life. Ms. Evans brings the typical teenage-moving-to-a-new-place story to another level with reincarnation and time-slips. 


Middle grade- high school girls will love reading this book. Who doesn't love a story with a strong female protagonist who has to sort her life while saving the world? The fact that Megan lives two lives is an added incentive to get to the bottom of this story. Plus, for American girls, the fact that Celeste takes place in England should be enticing. I know I enjoy reading the character's voices with a British accent! 

So, if you're looking for a good read, I highly recommend Celeste, which is now available on Amazon here:


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Till then, keep on readin' and dreamin'!



  1. Hi Ann, congratulations on the publication of Celeste. It's a fantastic story and I love the cover.

    1. Thank you Fred for hosting me, and thank you Karen!