Sunday, June 1, 2014

Character Meet Week!

Ahoy, everyone!

I've got tons of great things coming your way! Author interviews, great YA fiction spotlights, book reviews, and character meets from the world of Lucid! 

It's only fair to start with our hero, right? Well, he doesn't know he's the hero, yet, so give him tons of encouragement and positive vibes.

Meet Devon Alexander!

[Devon] *shuffles in* What? Where is this place?

[Me] You're in my blog world, Devon. Wow...I imagined you to be a little more muscular after being in the dream world for so long. Ah, no worries, you're little and fierce!

[Devon] In a blog? How is that possi--hey, what's that supposed to mean?!

[Me] Anyway, Devon, you have an audience of people eager to meet you!

[Devon] *looks around* I do?

[Me] They're here, trust me. So, anyway, how about you tell us a little about your adventures in the dream world?

[Devon] You mean being trapped? Wait, how do you know about the dream world anyway? Can you lucid dream, as well? Do you know about the Nightmares and that we're--.

[Me] Let's just say I know a few things, but it'd be great if you told us some stuff!

[Devon] Can you at least tell me how I got here?!

[Me] Are you really still surprised by strange things happening?

[Devon] ...true. All right, fine. Where do you want me to start?

[Me] How about telling us a little about yourself.

[Devon] Well, I'm 15, and not fully grown which explains the "small" muscles, and I'm going to be a sophomore at--.

[Me] I meant stuff about you in the dream world.

[Devon] Of course. That's all I hear about now. Dream world this, and dream world that. Anyway, um...I kept having dreams about being on a space ship, and I ended up seeing some of the people sitting next to me on the news the next day. They were all in comas, which really freaked me out. Thankfully, my friend Tiff is a lot braver than me, and with the help of her and another brave guy, Mitch, who could also go into the dream world and come back out coma-free, we figured out who was trapping people in the dream world. One thing led to another, and now Mitch, my brother Kyle, and I are stuck in the dream world indefinitely. Or until we bring about peace or something.

[Me] That's it?

[Devon] Well, I mean, I've never been interviewed before!

[Me] What about the things you did to help your friends and others? Aren't you proud of your bravery?

[Devon] I wouldn't call dumb luck bravery...

[Me] What about your fight in the coliseum? Who else was clever enough to figure out how to vanquish Leona's crony? Who else has magical superpowers that could rival Merlin and Gandalf combined? Who saved his friends from a crumbling library? What about your sword?

[Devon] Well, I---wait, my sword? I guess you don't know everything about the dream world. The sword is really--.

[Me] And that's all the time we have for our hero Devon today!

[Devon] What?! That's it?! This wasn't an interview. I didn't even get a drink of water!

[Me] Stay tuned for even more exciting characters!

[Devon] Characters? Wait, you think we're just characters in something? No, wait! Please at least give me some normal clothes to wear back---!

Now that Devon's safely back in the dream world, fighting to restore the balance of good and evil, I want to thank you all for getting to know our timid hero. I'm sure you will all enjoy watching him grow into the brave, young man that saves the dream world and real world. Stay tuned for more Lucid characters and book reviews. Tomorrow, we'll have Ann Evans with her debut novel, Celeste! 

Until next time, keep on readin' and dreamin'!



  1. Really enjoyed reading about Devon - his life sounds intriguing. And thank you for hosting my book, Celeste tomorrow!