Friday, September 5, 2014

A Journey to Happiness: A Feature on Adventure and Self-Discovery

Hello, lovely readers!

I bring to you today some inspirational non-fiction. Why you ask? Well, for starters, I want nothing more than to bring each and every one of you a book that moves you in some way. Whether it be my own, one of my colleagues’, or some book I randomly found in my new apartment, if it moves me in some way, I hope it moves you as well.

Also, as a new writer living in a new country, I sort of need a bit of inspiration myself.

So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Sod’s Law and Silver Linings by a fellow traveller, Gavin Bingë. Not familiar with Sod’s Law? It’s basically the pessimistic notion that if something can go wrong, it will. It’s also known as Murphy’s Law, which is commonly heard back in the good ol’ US of A.

Sound familiar now? Knew it would. I’m sure we have all experienced bouts of Sod’s/Murphy’s Law at one –or several—points in our lives. Gavin writes about his own misfortunes, which will tug at your heartstrings—you have been warned, and how moving to the other side of the world helped him face and overcome all of his setbacks.

Sod’s Law and Silver Linings started as a JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, where young adults are placed in the Japanese school system as assistant language teachers for a year or more) participant’s account of his journey, which –for obvious reasons—sparked my interest. While the book does have some helpful information for current and aspiring JETs, it touches so much more beneath the surface. The story of falling down, way down, and coming back up through sheer determination and forced optimism is truly a tale that needs to be read over and over again. You will start reading this book and come out on the other side a different person.

But enough of my ramblings! I’ll let Gavin`s synopsis do the talking!

"How did I end up on the JET programme and in this magical land of mystery called Japan? How did I survive a string of robberies, two near-fatal car crashes, two (more) exploding cars and both devilish depression and awful anxiety? 

Quite frankly, I didn't know.

That's why I wrote this book, and I was surprised at what I found.

(And there's some practical information on the JET programme in there too!)"

I had a spot of bad luck over the last few years. Amongst other things, I was robbed at gunpoint, suffered a near-fatal car-crash and was robbed again immediately after. Sadly, I do mean immediately after: my phone was snatched out of my bloody, trembling hand as I was coughing blood and trying to call the ambulance. He grabbed it before I could make the call, of course.

A few months later, I had another really bad car crash, lost my job, ate my savings (quite literally), and had two cars break down on me in a spectacular fashion while driving on the highway at speeds of greater than 100km/h.

I also suffered from debilitating depression and her sinister handmaiden, crippling anxiety.

I wrote this book to try and figure out both how and why I'm not yet dead, and I was surprised at what I found.

You can buy Sod’s Law and Silver Linings on Amazon here:

Well, that’s it for today, folks! Tune in next week for some more exciting spotlights! I have a great month of posts planned, maybe even some Halloween stories to get you in the spirit!

Til next time, keep on readin’ and dreamin’!


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