Friday, September 26, 2014

First Featured Fans Friday!

Ahoy, my wonderful readers!

Look at me posting twice in a row! Don't get used to this much traffic from me, though I am very happy to start my new installment of Featured Fans Fridays (F^3 for exponential form.) Once a month, I will shine the spotlight on you, my wonderful, lovable, and always loyal fans! Lucid would have never made it to the e-shelves were it not for Devon's champions. I really appreciate all of the support you all have given to me this past year, and it's high time I pay some of that kindness back.

So, today, I have 8 fans who entered a Facebook contest. There is a Facebook trend going on where people list their favorite books or series. My fans were more than happy to oblige, so without further ado, here are the wonderful books my fans recommend. (Oh, and Lucid is understood to be on the top of each list, of course!)

Amanda Combel:
1. Harry Potter (all of them) - J. K. Rowling
2. The Shack - William P. Young
3. The Outsiders- S. E. Hinton
4. The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown
5. The Dip- Seth Godin
6. The Twilight series- Stephanie Meyer
7. To Kill a Mockinbird- Harper Lee
8. The Shades of London series- Maureen Johnson
9. The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett
10. Little Women- Louisa May Alcott

Lisa Miller:
1. The Giver- Lois Lowry
2. Tuck Everlasting- Natalie Babbitt
3. The Outsiders- S. E. Hinton
4. The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett
5. My Sister's Keeper- Jodi Picoult
6. The Wizard of Oz-  L. Frank Baum
7. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff- Richard Carlson
8. Dicey's Song- Cynthia Voigt
9. The Notebook- Nicholas Sparks
10. The Circle- Dave Eggers

Jenny Doskey
1. The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett
2. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
3. The Jungle Book- Rudyard Kipling
4 and 5. The Middle Earth series (Hobbit-Return of the King) - J. R. R. Tolkien
6. Ender's Game- Orson Scott Card
7. The Maze Runner- James Dashner
8. Harry Potter series- J. K. Rowling
9. The Mortal Instruments series- Cassandra Clare
10. Incarnations of Immortality- Piers Anthony

Christy Drachenberg
1. All Souls Trilogy- Deborah Harkness
2. The Garden Trilogy- Nora Roberts
3. The Crush- Sandra Brown
4. Modern Witch Series- Deborah Geary

Farrah Ha
1. White Oleander- Janet Fitch
2. Lolita- Vladimir Nabokov
3. The Nice Girl Syndrome- Beverly Engel
4. The Gingerbread Series- Rachel Cohn
5. Persepolis- Marjane Satrapi
6. Why I Write- George Orwell
7. Ain't I A Woman- Bell Hooks
8. Things Fall Apart- Chinua Achebe
9. MARS- Fuyumi Soryo
10. Pedagogy of the Oppressed- Paulo Freire

Deborah Lansford
1. The Hunger Games series- Suzanne Collins
2. The Chronicles of Narnia series- C. S. Lewis
3. Hyperbole and a Half- Allie Brosch
4. The Giver series- Lois Lowry
5. The Middle Earth series- J. R. R. Tolkien
6. Please Don't Eat the Daisies- Jean Kerr

Michelle Connor 
1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- J. K. Rowling
2. Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte
3. Dracula- Bram Stoker
4. Frankenstein- Mary Shelley
5. Price and Prejudice- Jane Austen
6. The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger
7. Othello- William Shakespeare
8. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
9. The Host- Stephanie Meyer
10. Sense and Sensibility- Jane Austen

Aria LaJune
1. Imajica- Clive Barker
2. American Gods- Neil Gaiman
3. The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath
4. An Unquiet Mind- Kay Redfield Jamison
5. The Hobbit- J. R. R. Tolkien
6. Ishmael- Daniel Quinn
7. The Feast of All Saints- Ann Rice
8. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams
9. Fight Club- Chuck Palahniuk
10. Impulse- Ellen Hopkins

And that's what my awesome fans adore reading! Did you add any of these to the list? Looks like we have some popular titles that sparked a trend! Hopefully, you will read some more great books, as per my fans' requests!

The next F^3 will be sometime in October. Stay posted for the contest and the chance to be on my blog!

Til next time, keep readin' and dreamin'!


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